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Post by chunkygull » 09 Dec 2016, 22:56

Wow, Spatacus has become a Centurian. The word legend is bandied about far too liberally in this day and age in every entertainment genre, but it is certainly a beffitting word for Kirk Douglas. Truly a great from his or any other time in the history of film, the last of his kind from a golden age of Hollywood. There is nobody anywhere near to touch his status, those heady days of film making cannot be bettered really, no amount of hype, money, falsely created star power, cgi or whatever will ever create what they had. Kirk Douglas was a big part of that, I have grown up watching many of his films as my Father is a bit of a fanatic for those oldies. Douglas has outlived all his counterparts from those days, hell even many from a few generations after. What a life he has had also, some of his stories and events through his life are remarkable, have a quick look at his wikipedia page, wow. I habve had a quick thumb through a couple of his autobiographies and they look like a great read,I shall have to go through them properly.
In a truly depressing year where celebrities, singers, film stars etc have been dropping like flies, particularly those from around the 60's and 70's, it actually raises a smile that this old trooper is still here. Its no fun being 100, poor guy has been battling the effects of a stroke for years now but he just keeps going on. Apparently he puts it down to the love he and his wife still share after all these years, they married in 1954, she is still only 94 though. What a top woman she must be, I reckon my missus is going to put me in an early grave if anything.

Happy birthday Mr Douglas, I salute you.
You are my torquay, my only torquay, you make me happy when skies are grey, you'll never know, just, how much i love you, so don't take my torquay away.
(laa, laa, - laaaa, - la, la, - laa, laa, - laaaa, - la, la. - la,la,la,la,la, - la,la,la,la....).