The European Union: We're out...!!!

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The European Union: In or Out?

Poll ended at 07 Aug 2016, 15:29

1. The UK should stay in the EU.
2. The UK should leave the EU.
Total votes: 335

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The European Union: We're out...!!!

Post by Southampton Gull » 07 Jan 2017, 12:59

Yes, as Gullscorer says, the Bank of England don't answer to the government at all, they just share a common interest, our money. If they tell us something is bad I'm inclined to do the opposite because their interests are definitely not good for me.

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Post by forevertufc » 08 Jan 2017, 09:46

Another article that does not surprise me, there are some on the remain side that will not even read this, they will not listen to alternative argument, some on the remain even asking how can we still justify Brexit.

I can not speak for how truly independent this person is, but with the Bank of England now changing it's tune, and the IMF partly funded by the EU, now admitting that there were, three economic scenarios regards the UK leaving the EU , and they just presented the worst case of the three, maybe there is something in this article. ... n-Union-EU

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Scott Brehaut
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Post by Scott Brehaut » 08 Jan 2017, 20:43

Dave - that article appears in the Daily Express. Its sole purpose is to allow me to wipe my arse after a satisfying dump ;)

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