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Post by luggy10 » 22 Jan 2018, 09:03

There is still time you are four wins away from safety but its amazing what a win can do for confidence but i appeall too the manager 15 games no wins. Gary the style of play the training and coaching you have been giving this team is not working, Change everything style of play system of play training regime change the lot be positive freshen up everything , take the pressure of the players .A win three points starts the ball rolling then you will see how good a fanbase you have if you give them hope.

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Post by Yorkieandy » 22 Jan 2018, 09:47

Winning games of football is not what Owers is looking to achieve. He's already at rock bottom in terms of what the fans think of him so finishing the job remit of relegation he was no doubt given when he was appointed should now be a piece of p*ss.

The best way to get some more points on the board is for the players to ignore everything they have been coached this week (if anything) and then go out and do their own thing as a group. Why would what Owers says hold any influence anymore? If i were a player i'd be telling him to go and spin and do my own thing to preserve my self respect. Something that Owers doesn't appear to have.
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Post by gullintwoplaces » 22 Jan 2018, 10:04

Anybody who went to Saturday’s game could see that this team and its current manager are now incapable of winning one game on the trot, let alone four. Zero confidence, unsuitable tactics against a team with such a strong, tall central defence. A Gulls defence that collapses when pushed, an attack relying one new player who tried his best but had no chance. A formation that appeared designed to lose.

I am one of the optimists normally, hope is a great thing and has helped people through the worst of times. Howeve, the scale of ineptness against Bromley was staggering and I have no hope left.

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