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Steve Breed Question & Answer Thread

Post by stephen breed » 22 Jan 2018, 09:42

Post by torregull » 19 Jan 2018, 09:04

How influential was Peter Masters on decisions made by the Board during your time at the club-what's your opinion of him?

Hi Torregull

I will probably not make myself to popular with this answer but I personally found Pete Masters great. He was a help to the board and certainly not the man he seams to have been labelled with here. HIs opinions of the trust are based on his experiences with the Truro equivalent but to my knowledge he didn't ever express to me a blanket dislike for any member of trust of trust motives and actions. He was a man I could go to ask advice and I did on more than one occasion. I think people have to look at what he has done for Truro as a club they would be dead if it was not for him. As for influence well the board did take on board his opinions yet Dave merve and others are very strong characters in there own right so personally I don't think they would have been overly influenced by anybody. If I had a choice right now I would take Pete Masters as the owner of the club for one simple reason he is a winner.. stephen

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