A question from a Dutch football memorabilia collector

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A question from a Dutch football memorabilia collector

Post by DutchSuomiFan » 10 Dec 2017, 05:27

Hello TUFC fans,

My name is Piebe-Guido van den Berg. I am a football memorabilia collector from The Netherlands. I have a question for you. Is it possible for any of you to send me some TUFC memorabilia, for example club magazines, fanzines, official programmes, old season tickets, posters or any other TUFC related memorabilia or merchandising? I've got a big football memorabilia & merchandising collection, but i haven't got any TUFC memorabilia or merchandising yet. I'd like to change that:).

Cheers :scarf:

Piebe-Guido van den Berg

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Post by midtable » 10 Dec 2017, 21:31

You can buy all that on e-bay.

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Post by Teigngull » 11 Dec 2017, 15:40

Who's going to foot the bill for such items ? Are you willing to pay for them or even foot the postage bill ?

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Post by westyorkshiregull » 11 Dec 2017, 20:30

I'm collecting money and if anyone would like to add to my collection please contact me and I'll arrange shipment of any money people have spare. My collection is short of 20 pounds sterling and 50 pounds sterling notes. This would be much appreciated. Thank you

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