National League Attendance Table.

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National League Attendance Table.

Post by portugull » 18 Nov 2017, 14:49

United are 10th in the Table published last Monday 13th November by the Vanarama National League with an average attendance of 1,928.

No surprise Tranmere are top and Boreham Wood 24th and bottom.

Considering our form crowds have held up very well indeed and are a credit to the loyalty of our fans.

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Post by Yorkieandy » 19 Nov 2017, 09:16

Interesting that York's crowds are holding up despite being in the NLN and struggling in there tbh. They got 2,500 home fans v Kiddy yesterday which is remarkable all things considered.

I say its interesting as York had similar attendances in the football league as Torquay yet they are able to retain most of the fans whereas Torquay are gradually losing them over time.

I am wondering whether this has anything to do with hope for the future?

York suffered successive relegations yet still invested in the side and have plans to move into new stadium which they should have been in 5 years ago but will never be built despite some York fans delusionally thinking it will.

They had hope of a future with a new stadium planned and dropping into the NL they were the big fish and had hopes of an instant return to the NL which won't happen now unless they miraculously win the pls offs.

Torquay meanwhile seem to simply be drifting aimlessly. No direction from the top and it seems that hope is gone. Unlike York, how many fans would expect an instant return to the NL if Torquay dropped into the NLS next season? Not many.

It's all about hope I think and if Osborne was running the club as though he actually gave a sh#t then I'm certain a lot more Torquay fans would be turning up to games. As it is there is no direction and no hope of things changing whilst CO has his hands on it and that is turning more fans away than we realise I think.
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