Players who made you smile

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Players who made you smile

Post by DB57 » 17 Oct 2017, 17:20

Amongst all the gloom and doom it is worth taking a few minutes to reflect on players who have passed through Plainmoor, sometimes on their way down from glittering careers elsewhere sometimes on their way up to better things. Some were on loan but left their mark.
Here is my team of players I actually looked forward to watching:-

Neville Southall
John Bond, Steve Bould, Matt Elliott, Paul Gibbs
Eddie Kelly, Bruce Rioch, Jimmy Dunne, Lee Sharpe
Robin Stubbs, Steve Cooper

I could have added plenty more -David Graham, Alex Russell, Rodney Jack ,Clint Boulton,Tony Brown, Derek Dawkins etc etc

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Post by stefano » 17 Oct 2017, 17:43

Ronnie Barnes

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Post by Southampton Gull » 17 Oct 2017, 18:48

Tony Scott

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Post by portugull » 17 Oct 2017, 19:22

John Bond the muffin man. Ex West Ham Utd.

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Post by kevgull » 17 Oct 2017, 19:33

Kevin Hill
Life is like TUFC. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. :goal:

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Post by Yorkieandy » 17 Oct 2017, 19:52

Has to be David Graham for the goals and the sheer joy of watching him. Always dangerous and always thought something could happen.

An alternative to that was Guy Branston. Torquay got the absolute best out of Branno and he was just a no nonsense meathead centre half (without wanting to do him an injustice as he was a half decent footballer) who just inspired and kept on ploughing into tackles and trying to give the team momentum. A real leader. That goal he bulleted in with his head at Macclesfield i won't forget.

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Post by Dutchgull » 17 Oct 2017, 20:10

Nobody could produce a broader grin on peoples faces than John Pierre Simb !!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Post by Plymouth Gull » 17 Oct 2017, 20:17

If you want a positive reminiscence of players, take a look at this:


Unfortunately none have even really warranted discussion in recent seasons in my view!

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Post by budegull1954 » 17 Oct 2017, 21:10

A lot of retrospective threads on this and the other fans' forum. Even the matchday programme has had a running feature called 'Greatest Gulls' - it's almost like the passing of an era. I do hope I'm wrong.

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Post by tufcyellowarmy » 17 Oct 2017, 22:25

Neville Southall of course. An absolute legend and a top bloke to boot. I couldnt believe he came here and did what he did for us.
Affectionately known as the flying pig , he still commanded the repect of home and away fans one and all. Sheer class !!!!

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Post by tufcyellowarmy » 17 Oct 2017, 22:30

Also Dave Bamber !
He made me smile an awful lot........

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Post by Parkys People » 17 Oct 2017, 22:45

Aidan Newhouse - his effort at a shot away at Exeter is etched in my memory and just typifies TUFC.

Leon Hapgood, Scott Corderoy, Richard Hancox. I don't know any other football club who would release a player for him to feature 5, 6 or 7 divisions below and then return, so much worse than before. Only at TUFC!

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Post by westyorkshiregull » 17 Oct 2017, 22:50

Mark loram ...natural talent , magical touch

Kenny allen...looked like your grandad in goal

Steve Phillips ( around 1985 ) remember the song anyone ?

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Post by lucy6lucy » 18 Oct 2017, 01:53

Rodney jack.

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Post by Plainmoor78 » 18 Oct 2017, 05:02

Jo Kuffor, and on his day Tony Bedeau.

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