Should all contracted players terminate their contracts in order to save our club

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Should all contracted players terminate their contracts in order to save our club

Post by Neal » 15 Oct 2017, 10:40

No we should NOT terminate any contracts like that (and I don't think you can anyway), pay them up ok if GI can afford it and get new, hopefully better players and probably on higher wages, again, IF GI can afford it.

I have NEVER blamed the players, they might not be good enough, but how is that their fault? If they are "trying" hard then what else can they do. These guys want to be footballers, some wont be good enough, but they were given contracts because someone thought they were good enough.

Are all you lot on here the best in your profession, I guess some of you believe you are (and you are probably NOT). So if your not, why the f*ck arnt you then, mmmmmmm perhaps your boss should terminate "your" contract.

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Post by Yorkieandy » 15 Oct 2017, 11:48

Not everyone can be the best at their profession Neal. I train dogs and rehabilitate animals. There are thousands upon thousands of dog trainers out there who are more capable and knowledgable and skilled than i am. I do what i do to an acceptable standard. That's the distinction.

Jamie Reid isn't going to be able to play at the highest level for Man Utd therefore he finds his level and then produces consistent performances that conform by and large to an acceptable standard for that level. He's not doing that, as aren't most of the squad.

Even professionals with extremely responsible jobs have an order of 'bestness'. Surgeons for example. If i go for a standard op on the NHS then i know i should be ok but i also know that the surgeon operating on me isn't the best in his profession otherwise he wouldn't be working for the NHS at Donny Royal Infirmary.

They find their level and produce consistent standards that are acceptable.
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