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Fa Cup 4th qualifying round Aldershot v Torquay 14/10/17

Posted: 15 Oct 2017, 16:42
by tomogull
hector wrote:
15 Oct 2017, 10:37
Nicholson, Owers, Herrera, Hargreaves, O'Farrell - it probably doesn't matter because we're all playing along to Clarke Osborne's tune. The club is owned by a multi-million pound organisation, yet this pretty big club for the level we are at, is even worse off than it was under the David Phillips regime. GI have owned us for almost a year but all we have seen is decline on the field and a new kit and badge.

On the surface of it, the appointment of an experienced managerial team, should have seen some sort of positive impact. there are players in that squad who are better than the bottom of the National League, so we should be seeing some improvements or at least signs of it, and perhaps we are. The previous manager was poor, but if nothing changes with GI's own man in charge then I think some heat really needs to be turned back on Clarke Osborne.

Just what is the point of supporters, 'loyally' turning up each week when the club's own malevolent ownership appears to be conspiring against it? I just feel now, that when I go and hand over £15, I'm simply lining Clarke Osborne's pocket. Our football club is dead, succumbing to the parasites. It's like a zombie, masquerading as human, just sucking the life out of everyone remaining.

5 years ago, had we bumped into Clarke Osborne, we wouldn't have just handed him our money but that's what we do now.
And there you have it in a nutshell (although I don't agree that the previous manager was poor, but I don't want to start that hornet's nest buzzing again !!). As YorkieAndy and Budegull posted on another thread, the club is rotten at the core. We have a chairman who admits to not knowing anything about football and having no interest in the game. I wonder how many times Clarke Osborne has attended matches this season? We were promised a Board of local directors. Silence. Who is actually making decisions at the club? Is it solely Geoff Harrop - only in post because he is related to Osborne? There is absolutely no communication with fans. We're moving into a new stadium next season (only nine months away) - remember? Another of Gaming International's 'Castles in the Sky'. In fact, about the only thing going for the club is the fantastic loyalty of the fan base.

As Hector posts, it doesn't matter who the manager is. Until the club is run professionally off the field, we will continue to struggle and under-achieve as a club. Owers and Kuhl are already getting a bit of 'stick' from some impatient fans. But let's look at some of the clubs they have had to face - Macclesfield top of the league (beat us 1 - 0 following a suicidal back pass), Dagenham & Redbridge (away), another team that will probably be in the play-offs at the end of the season, Dover, second in the league (and a very good side in my book) and Aldershot yesterday who will also be up with the leaders and who were able to bring on players like McClure and Okejie (?) who would be first on the team sheet for us. It's been a baptism of fire for Gary & Martin. I hope they are able to keep us in the National League as the previous manager did, but they must know, as we already know, what a mammoth task they've got ahead. There is time ...... and as Hector posts, there are players in the squad who are better tnan bottom of the National League. A priority must be to bring in at least one striker from somewhere because if we don't score goals, we ain't going to win matches ! There were rumours during the summer about Ryan Brunt possibly coming to Plainmoor but he eventually signed for Exeter. He isn't being included in City's squad, so surely it would help him to have regular football somewhere else? However, I don't know what his injury situation is - perhaps he has had a recurrence which is keeping him out of the squad.

But clubs do bounce back from tough times. Hereford, a good club very much like TUFC, shafted by owners (and allegedly there was some involvement there by Gaming International, or one of their subsidiary companies, as well) in the same league as Tiverton at present but making their way back up the football pyramid. Their fans have remained loyal and were rewarded with a great win at Eastleigh yesterday. Good luck to them. So there is some hope ....... but there isn't any light at the end of the tunnel at the moment.

Fa Cup 4th qualifying round Aldershot v Torquay 14/10/17

Posted: 15 Oct 2017, 17:13
by Yorkieandy
Agree tomo. The club is effectively dead yet obviously it still exists but if i may use an analogy to explain where i'm coming from and i apologize in advance because it might be considered inappropriate to some but it's not meant to be.

You are 65 years old and your wife of 70 is in a care home with severe dementia. She is there every day existing as a shell of the woman you once knew but she doesn't know who you are or care who you are anymore. You go and visit but ultimately there is nothing you can do to make things better. It's just a case of going through the motions until the inevitable happens. Even though your wife is still alive and in the care of others you have to come to terms with and accept the fact that you have to move on down a different path now. Even though it's sad and heartbreaking when this realization sets in. It is the only way you can stop living in the past and living in false hope.

IMO, Torquay fans are simply helping to pay for the 'palliative care' of the club to the 'carer' Mr Osborne but there is no real hope of it surviving long term. Accept this and move on. Either form a new club, go and support another local club or whatever or just don't go to any footy at all. All three are ways to move forward. Continuing to attend doesn't seem to be helping anyone based on evidence from the last 5 or 6 years although that loyalty inside tricks you into thinking it's the right thing to do. The right thing to do often isn't the easiest thing to do. Is the easiest thing to do perhaps to keep trotting off to games hoping whilst maybe the hardest is to acknowledge there is a terminal problem and take steps to move on, however unpopular this may be with others. It could be simply routine or habit or a deep guilt that lies there nagging you if you don't turn up. You could argue that it's a piece of piss to just stop going. It's easier to just stop going than get yourself ready, travel to the match, watch another dire defeat and then go again next game yes? In terms of effort then yes it's easier but in terms of wrestling with what you believe is the right thing to do then staying away is just as difficult as to continue attending.

I just keep coming back to clubs who have reformed and whilst they are lower down the pyramid than Torquay, they have come through adversity and are thriving. Scarborough had over 2,000 yesterday for their cup game with Hyde, have a compact new ground, are signing a host of ex league players and are still on the up. Hereford. Look at them as tomo points out. Winning all the time and progressing. Real hope and excitement. There are others. Torquay are like a knackered old greyhound. Tired, used and abused, washed up and seeing out the rest of their days in a dogs home. Maybe the reason why GI like to demolish dog tracks without replacing them. :}

Their dedication to animal welfare is appreciated. :}

Sarcasm aside. Knocking down greyhound tracks and not building new ones doesn't change my dislike of Osborne much but only 99% of me dislikes him now. That 1% shows me that he does indeed have a heart and cares about doing the right thing. Maybe Torquay will be ok after all? :)

Fa Cup 4th qualifying round Aldershot v Torquay 14/10/17

Posted: 15 Oct 2017, 17:26
by Yorkieandy
Just to clarify, i'm not saying that having a loved one in a nursing home with dementia compares to how one feels about a football club because whilst they are both emotive, clearly one is by some considerable distance more important than the other. I was just trying to use that analogy as an example to explain how i see the football club now with my eyes and have or had no intention of offending anyone, especially anyone who may be going through or has gone through similar circumstances.