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Ryan Brunt

Post by Jamie Ndah Is God » 23 Jun 2017, 15:50

Hi all, my first ever post on here.

I am Plymouth born and bred and have worked on the turnstiles at Argyle since the 2003/04 season. I have always had a massive soft spot for Torquay though and care a great deal for them, more so over the last few years with everything that has gone on with the club's existence being in the balance and what not. As last season was drawing to a close and the Gulls were looking ever more desperate and doomed, I would have taken Torquay's survival over Argyle getting promoted any day of the week. Conference South football would have been utterly devastating and possibly the end for the club (whereas if you miss out on promotion then there's always next season) but thank the Lord that was avoided. Strange, but I just felt as though Torquay's fight was a bigger priority to me and more important than Argyle pushing for promotion.

Anyway, back to the point of this thread. Ryan Brunt was an absolute beast for Argyle the season before last before he got injured. A big unit, he holds the ball up well, works tirelessly for the team and can score a few as well. In my opinion he would take the Conference by storm and score a hat full. Fitness permitted (as he didn't feature at all last season) he would be a fantastic signing for Torquay and is now a free agent.

I obviously have no idea if he'd be looking to stay in the football league or what sort of wage he would command or anything like that, but if he's happy living in this region and is settled, and if he can prove his fitness and that his long layoff hasn't​ ruined him (lots of 'ifs' I know!) then he would be a gem of a signing, and just the sort of striker the club is currently missing. I really feel that, regardless of how realistic or unrealistic such a potential signing may be, it would benefit both parties greatly. Yes, there will be questions regarding his fitness and sharpness and he may be a bit of a gamble in that respect, but a gamble worth taking in my opinion. Oh well, I can dream can't I?

If anyone reading this knows Kevin Nicholson then please mention Brunty's name to him!

All the best for the season ahead. Dare I say, I have a good feeling about it and am impressed with the signings KN has made so far. No relegation scrap this year please! Cheers.