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Post by hector » 17 May 2017, 06:59

I always feel Roy McF gets unfairly maligned. He came in at the last minute after Mike Bateson and Colin Lee dillied and dallied and eventually parted ways after the Barnet escape of 2001.

McFarland was chosen over Rosenior and had to quickly assemble a team that went through changes as the season progressed. The team actually clicked in the Spring, once players like Canoville and Fowler had been signed and I remember us demolishing Rochdale before embarking on a run where we didn't concede a goal in something like 8 games.

It's probably just as well as McF signed as he built the basis of the team that went up in 2004. There would have been no Hazel, Woozley, Woods, canoville, Fowler and of course, Alex Russell, who came to the club because of Roy McF.

As for Hartlepool, I actually spoke to Jeff Stelling last year and he sympathised with me being a Torquay fan, saying there but for the grace of god it could be Hartlepool and here we both are in similar situations.

I remember two occasions playing Hartlepool. One in the early 80s when they had three players sent off at Plainmoor - two for fighting with each other and during Eddie May's ill-fated reign when they had two sent off and we still couldn't beat them.

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Post by desperado » 17 May 2017, 08:18

Seem to remember David Graham, signed by Colin Lee, being on the bench a lot in McFarlands time ,
didnt flourish until Leroy came. Bit of a Nicho/Williams scenario. Both lazy players who needed a manager
to accept and accommodate the sort of player they were at the same time encouraging and working with
them. I am sure Nicho has been doing that as Williams definitely improved laterly. If he re signed he may
do well next season and score 20 goals

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