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Post by Tired Old Gull » 09 May 2017, 11:37

See TU are 13th in the league table ... lucky or unlucky?

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Post by merse btpir » 09 May 2017, 12:21

Just shows how much the club's stock has fallen since crashing out of the Football League.....

It's been one disaster after another despite all the fancy dress and forced smiles on that fateful day at Mansfield under Chris Hargreaves

Firstly, League Two clubs get £250k each per season from the Premier League solidarity payment. That disappeared immediately on relegation to the National League.

Secondly, League Two clubs receive around £415k per season in TV money from the Sky Sport deal. That was halved for one year on relegation then disappeared completely.

Thirdly, League Two clubs receive around £180k per season in Youth Development funding. That would have been halved for two years and then disappear but the club beat them to it when Bill Phillips (under Thea Bristow) closed the academy prior to disposing of the club for £1.

So the above revenues total roughly £845k in the last season of League football, then £280k and then just £90k the following season before becoming precisely zero last season.

By the way; the trumpeted last day of the season attendance of over four thousand was beaten by two others in National League North:

Stockport 5,783
FC United 4,064
Torquay 4,026
York 3,984
Aldershot 3,977
Southport 3,462
Maidstone 3,409
Fylde 2,684

Ours was good; but no-one in their right minds will anticipate many more than the season's average of 1,888 being at Plainmoor when the new season commences in August; especially as the club is making little or no effort at all to sell season tickets at this moment in time.

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Post by happytorq » 11 May 2017, 17:11

both of those teams in the National North are exceptions, though - Stockport were a Championship not that long ago, and FC United have been getting good attendances ever since they were formed after the Glazer takeover.

Agree with your broader point about attendances, though - but we've struggled with home attendances with bad teams regardless of the division we're in. The big difference between divisions is obviously the increased away attendances the further up you go.
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Post by lucy6lucy » 11 May 2017, 22:59

Fair play to Maidstone

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