A little quiz of the Season

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A little quiz of the Season

Post by GazTheGull » 29 Apr 2017, 23:45

Put together some stats on a spreadsheet and came up with a little quiz to celebrate(is that the right word?) our season

These are only for league games, not that we ever have many cup games to worry about anyway

1. Against which 4 teams did we score the first goal against both home and away?

2. Which 4 teams did we beat both home and away?

3. Which 3 teams did we not concede a goal to all season?

4. How many, and which, teams did we finish the season unbeaten against?

5. How many points did we lose from winning positions?

6. Alternatively, how many points did we gain from losing positions?

7. How many 0-0 draws did we witness this season, and against who?

8. How many games were decided by 1 goal, of which how many did we lose?

9. Number of points scored against top half of table, and bottom half (separately)

10.Against which 9 teams, at home, did we concede the first goal

Good luck!