A New Route Back To The Big Time

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A New Route Back To The Big Time

Post by Dazza » 10 Jan 2017, 18:18

All we need to do is to persuade Torbay Council to declare independence and break away from the UK. The club could then take part in the qualifying competition for the World Cup . We should be able to take care of the Scilly Isles, Guernsey, Sark, Jersey and Lundy guaranteeing we get on the 48 places to now be available to take our place in the finals on every occasion. Clark Osborne would be on our national flag and developing would be needless as we would have become a tax haven and as densely developed as Monaco. We need to have a referendum to decide whether to allow Newton Abbot migrant workers in though, :(

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Post by wivelgull » 10 Jan 2017, 19:07

It already has - look at the People's Republic of South Devon website.

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