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Post by forevertufc » 07 Jan 2017, 11:25

CP Gull wrote:
brucie wrote:Exactly - and anyone who thinks otherwise should really be confined to a rest home for the terminally gullible.
I realise that I will probably be in the minority here (and elsewhere) but I take a slightly different view on the events unfolding .... in truth probably more in line with that taken by Dave Thomas in this week's podcast - for those that have listened to it.

In order to convey my thoughts I think it best to set them out on a Q & A style format, so here goes .... apologies to those who have absolutely no interests in what I think and whose mind is (probably) already made up!

Do I trust GI ? ..... NO

Do I think that Plainmoor as the home for TUFC should be retained at all costs? NO

Could I see a potentially brighter future for it at (say) the Willows? YES

Do I think that the vast majority of fans/posters who are totally against a move away from TQ1 are probably of a similar age ( born before 1980 shall we say!) to me? YES

Do I think younger fans might be more attracted towards a multi purpose stadium in the centre (lets be honest that is what it is these days!) of town at the Willows ? YES

Do I think TUFC desperately need new income streams in order to have any chance of getting back in the Football League ? YES

Would I prefer a wealthy TUFC fan to own the club and build a new stadium at the Willows? YES

Do I think Torbay Council could build it and retain ownership of the stadium at £ millions cost? NO

Do I think that the future success of TUFC would be better if TUST owned the freehold of Plainmoor? More secure certainly but I have serious doubts abut our ability to maintain a football club at this level, never mind ever getting back into the Football League!

Do I think Gi are going about things the right way ? NO

Do I think they should improve their communication? YES, of course they should!

Do I think they are approaching the "right" people to form a new Board? YES,actually ... await developments!

Do I think we should be cautious and watchful ? Of course we bloody should!

Do I think we should give GI a chance? On balance, YES

Do I believe that in order to for GI to succeed they are wholly reliant on not only Torbay Borough Council, TUST, TUFC fans bit the wider community to succeed? YES

Do I care if GI make a healthy profit from all of this - so long as TUFC benefit ? NO

Do I think my views will garner support from the majority of posters on here and other forums? NO : =D

I guess I am just one of those gullible twats eh? Whatever, at least I am prepared to keep an open mind! =D
No, you're not one those gullible twats Chris, over the years your forum postings time and time again have proven to be, right on the money. I've read every word of that above and you're not wrong in any of that.

Keeping an open mind whilst casting a very close and cautious eye on our new owners is spot on, and doing so does not mean we are ripe to being ripped off, after all, those who act in haste, normally repent at their leisure.

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Friend of TorquayFans
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Post by forevertufc » 07 Jan 2017, 11:27

Do I fear for the mental health, stability and well being of some, of our fan base ? YES

Should I set up a personal counselling service ? YES , think I'd make a fortune of TUFC fans right now.

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Post by Jerry » 07 Jan 2017, 11:51

arcadia wrote:What we need is the Tust to call a meeting after a game to see what response there would be to a £100.00 pledge from each supporter.
They've already done this.

It wasn't very well publicised though, so for all those concerned about GI's intentions for the club here is the link:

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Post by ferrarilover » 07 Jan 2017, 12:06

GI has existed in one shape or another for 80 years or whatever. Their entire history is made up of buying sports clubs and fucking them over for personal gain. Give them a chance? Yeah, 251st time's a charm.

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Post by Southampton Gull » 07 Jan 2017, 13:05

Is that your pseudonym?

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Post by chunkygull » 07 Jan 2017, 13:40

Sky sports news just been talking about the Millwall situation which granted is different to ours but there was much rhetoric on how football clubs are a hub and important part of the community, that local councils should support and help their teams for many reasons and Jeff Stelling proclaiming shame on their local council for "selling them down the river" Can we trust our council to behave in the correct manner and do what is best for the area and not succumb to greed, bribery, kickbacks etc. They have never been that helpful and supportive of TUFC before, just look at the difference between what our council is like towards its football club compared to Plymouth. A new relocated stadium may appeal to them very much but they need to be made to realise if TUFC have to move from Plainmoor if it is sold they are likely to have nowhere to go as said new stadium will never actually be built so eventually the club will die. Thats if GI dont just let us slowly degenerate and rot until finally we disappear into oblivion before that, therefore being left with a lease with no tenant so there is no alternative but to sell Plainmoor anyway.

What will GI do in the unliklihood of the council refusing to sell them Plainmoor?

What happens if GI dont want us anymore but we still owe them the money that was loaned?#

Is our best bet the National League not ratifying GI's ownership given that they are not acting in the best interests of the football club?
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Post by Glostergull » 07 Jan 2017, 15:43

if the league don't ratify GI taking over the club then I think we are in real trouble. they put in some money are in charge effectively of the club and if they then don't get ratified they will have no choice but to pull out. where will that leave us?
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Post by Plainmoor78 » 07 Jan 2017, 18:14

I would imagine that if a club's owners were deemed unsuitable then that club would simply be expelled from all competitions.

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Post by gullintwoplaces » 07 Jan 2017, 18:20

Plainmoor78 wrote:I would imagine that if a club's owners were deemed unsuitable then that club would simply be expelled from all competitions.
Lovely thought. However football has attracted many "interesting" characters to run football clubs, both now and in the past. Even the corrupt fat bastard Robert Maxwell owned a club. I don't think the football authorities would have turned down Osama bin Laden if he had tried to buy a club.

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Post by IanGull01 » 07 Jan 2017, 18:27

If the National League don't approve this takeover then we are back in trouble. Wages to pay, all the outgoings which I bet is more than we could raise if we needed too.

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Post by portugull » 07 Jan 2017, 18:28

What I am about to write is pure speculation.
I think Peter Masters talked GI into a deal short term because he wanted to buy the Club but could not do so at this time because he owns Truro City.
I will bet that within 2 years GI will sell the Club to Mr. Masters because GI will loose interest because they have no knowledge of football whereas Peter Masters does really want to own the Club.
Time will tell.

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Post by lucy6lucy » 07 Jan 2017, 20:03

brucie wrote:Q. Should we tell Osborne and GI to Fuck off

A. Yes

Q. Should we expect our new owners to face the press and tell us what their plan's are

A. Yes

Q. Should Lucy be told not to post ridiculous nonsense like Harrad is better than Blissett.

A. Yes

Q. Is Merse's forum better than this one

A. Yes

Q. Are Forest Green and Eastleigh "proper football club wannabees" who waste obscene amounts of money on has beens like Midson, Constable and a whole host of others and still don't get anywhere.

A. Yes

Q. Does Dale Vince look like a complete tosser with that ridiculous pony tail sticking out the back of his barnet

A Yes

Q. Is Brett Williams selfish tosser who is obtaining money by false pretences on the pretence of being a pro footballer.


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Q did Lucy state harrad is a better player than blissett

A no

Q does Lucy go to torquay matches

A yes

Q does brucie go to torquay matches

A no

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Post by arcadia » 08 Jan 2017, 22:13

Did anyone speak to Dave Phillips before he left for Australia.

Who is running the club on a day to day basis.
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Post by MellowYellow » 08 Jan 2017, 23:44

You have to admire Dave Phillips- become a fugitive on the other side of the world before the sh*t hits the fan.

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Post by madgull » 10 Jan 2017, 14:36

GI want to buy the club so they can build a new stadium and purchase Plainmoor for housing development.

GI buy the club and make arrangements to explore the possibility of purchasing Plainmoor for housing development.

Everyone loses their minds and acts like this is some breathtaking new development.

This 'revelation' changes literally NOTHING about our situation from what we already knew. As always, all we can do is hope that GI hold up their end of the bargain long enough for this odd club-swap thing with Peter Masters and/or TUST swallowing their egos and realising that we'll need to move to the new stadium and create new revenue streams before we have a hope of being supporter-run and helping to facilitate that/making serious plans to take over after the move rather than getting into petty spats.

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