Torquay v Eastleigh 13/01/2018 (PP)

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Torquay v Eastleigh 13/01/2018 (PP)

Post by TUST_Member_Rob » 15 Jan 2018, 13:41

CP Gull wrote:
15 Jan 2018, 07:57
I thought at the time that Clarke should have done better for the first one, but didn't realise that he rushed off his line like that for the second one either. I'm no goalkeeping expert but surely he might have been better staying "at home" - quite literally in his case!

As for the penalty, it was indeed as bad as I thought it was on the day ! Neither straight down the middle or in the bottom right corner - the goalkeeper only has to dive the right way and he is always likely to save that!

We do indeed suffer from having too many lightweights in the team - we need "an aggressive midfielder and a target man"" (now where have I heard that before!!!! - over to you Mr Owers!!!) but surely no one could argue that Jake Gosling was our best performer on the day .... and Luke Young was also in the top three or four for me too - just wished he had stepped up to take the penalty - and told him so after the game too!
The first goal is woeful goalkeeping,

however not surprised from a GK sat on the bench for the whole season,

begs the question why he started!

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Post by Maidstonegull » 16 Jan 2018, 09:14

Thought Mcginty was excellent again v Eastleigh and gave 100% . I will be very surprised if Bigger clubs are not queuing up for him very soon as he is getting better every week.

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Post by portugull » 16 Jan 2018, 12:47

Just watched the Highlights twice.
Gosling really should have scored in the first minute. Perfect cross from Efete. Jake are you working on your heading this week because next time you need to do better.
Matthews made a great run for the opening goal but McGinty backed off which was fatal. We have got to defend better when players run at our defence just like Rutherford did at Wrexham.
Very poor goalkeeping from Clarke he knows he should have saved shot but bounce deceived him.
We looked the better side throughout and moved the ball well but somehow lost at Home AGAIN.
Clarke and Gosling to blame for winning goal. Clarke is a big man and if he had stayed on his line Hoyte would not have had an open goal.
I knew Reid would miss the penalty. I said so to my mate.Watching it back too near the keeper at the perfect height. Poor management.

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