Torquay v Chester. 2/9/17 Match day thread

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Torquay v Chester. 2/9/17 Match day thread

Post by Plainmoor78 » 02 Sep 2017, 16:59

Well done to the team.

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Post by standupsitdown » 02 Sep 2017, 16:59

I followed that on here & twitter and just knew Chester would score in added time. Nothing changes - we've been conceding far more than our fair share of late goals for more than 30 years.
Still it sounds as if the team were better organised that at Aldershot and we have a keeper who isn't a liability.

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Post by TUST_Member_Rob » 02 Sep 2017, 17:01

Wow what a joke!

Doweling played very well ans so did Cole!

GK great too,

Why the goal was ruled out fuck knows nothing wrong with it

Reid - waste of space today

Gutting as Keating fluffed 2 good chances

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Post by dannyrvtufc4life » 02 Sep 2017, 17:04

I heard that Keating missed five glorious chances, we need to finish these kind of games. I fear that even in this early stage we cannot be left behind!
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Post by apgull » 02 Sep 2017, 17:06

tufc si wrote:
02 Sep 2017, 16:57
You'd expect us to have a manager before the next game
Think you might be in a minority there, Si. ;-)

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Post by Bert » 02 Sep 2017, 17:24

Better all round performance and unlucky not to get all 3 points
New players all had good games
Just need to get Gowling back with the new CB and should see some improvement

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Post by HockeyGull » 02 Sep 2017, 17:30

Much improved performance.....but still a frustrating end. ALL the new players showed up well, as did James Grey given a home start at last. Fantastic goal chalked off due to Chester's McCombe having a hissy fit and the ref not being strong enough to tell the Chester team to stop crying and get on with the game...and we are supposed to be 'Southern Softies'. Too many chances went begging as Torquay players chose the wrong option, shooting when they should have passed and vice versa.
My pet hate of trying to keep the ball by the corner flag instead of attempting to score led to the equaliser.
Add a fit Josh Gowling to this eleven and we have the start of a cohesive team.

tufc si
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Post by tufc si » 02 Sep 2017, 17:44

apgull wrote:
02 Sep 2017, 17:06
tufc si wrote:
02 Sep 2017, 16:57
You'd expect us to have a manager before the next game
Think you might be in a minority there, Si. ;-)
Expect was probably the wrong word to use :D

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Post by Burnhamgull » 02 Sep 2017, 18:06

First of all, I thought the first half was the best 45 minutes of football I've seen from us this season so far.

Today was a big improvement on all of the previous games at Plainmoor.

Cole looked decent at LB but was blowing towards the end. No surprise really but he'll get stronger once his fitness improves.
Dowling was solid in the middle, scored a corker of a goal and kept things ticking over in midfield.
Haworth was my man of the match. He ran at defenders, wasn't knocked off the ball and put some good crosses in.
Dorel in goal was very impressive and if you've got a safe pair of hands at the back, it gives the rest of the team confidence.

LRT was his usual self, poor passing and caught out of position, much to Haworths joy I would imagine.

No idea why the goal from Gray was disallowed. The defender didn't go down until after the goal was scored, then, because he had a bloody nose, the referee seemed to let the Chester players influence him and the assistant into giving a free kick to Chester. Pathetic.

The equaliser was almost expected but had Gray passed inside on two separate occasions when through on goal, the outcome would have been very different.

Overall, a good performance and a new manager at least has something to work on .

PS. The attendance was poor but not unexpected. 1451 I think with 151 away fans. Somewhere in that region anyway.
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Post by arcadia » 02 Sep 2017, 18:21

The sooner we get a manager the better we lost the game through giving the ball away in the last ten minutes. Any manager would expect their midfield to slow the game down and keep the ball not once did I hear this from the bench. There was a lot of effort put in today only to be wasted by players giving the ball away. The linesman was right it was not a goal I was expecting the whistle to go and shocked when he gave a goal.

Keeper good he used his feet well for crosses and took pressure off the defence.
Higgins did ok
McGinty needs a new partner as this at the moment does not work.
Anderson does his best but........
Cole thought it was Ashley Cole did well. :-D
Downing looks quality and could get better confident player. :-D
Young good team player needs to think a bit more about controlling the ball simple passing late in game.
Reid needs to slow down with the ball and control it before he sets off. Has cost us points perhaps nobody is telling him this so he carries on doing it. Should of been substituted and we would have won.
Howarth also gave the ball away late in the game, but less than Reid.

The bench Herrera more vocal than he's been all season but needs to control the game when the team is winning we've seen it
time and time again this is why we need a new manager pronto.

A well done to who ever got the players in a shame it was not done at the start of the season.

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Post by Brightboy92 » 02 Sep 2017, 19:12

A game we could have won comfortably if we had just finished our chances. Keating missed at least 2 golden opportunities and Gray was selfish on 2 occasions, shooting when he could have laid it off to a team mate for an open goal.
I've seen a video on Twitter of the mystery disallowed goal and it looks like the Chester player got hit in the face by the ball, resulting in a bloody nose. The Chester players kicked up a stink and conned the weak officials into disallowing a perfectly good goal.
With all the missed opportunities, I, along with most in the stadium I imagine, could sense Chester's equaliser coming. Bloody 90th minute though, so annoying :'(

We've got to take the positives though, this is certainly the best the team has played all season. All 3 of the debutants had good games, I was especially impressed with our new Keeper who looked assured and a safe pair of hands.
I'm surprised at the criticism of Reid, as I thought he was one of our better players today and looked dangerous, especially in the 1st half.
Hopefully now we'll stay out of any more injury trouble, and a few of our crocked players will start getting themselves back over the next few weeks.
Our new manager has got a good squad of players to work with, it's just down to getting the most out of them. Let's hope the board sign a manager some time this year!!!

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Post by forevertufc » 02 Sep 2017, 19:18

Absolute hammer blow at the end, especially after the second goal was given then disallowed, no complaints the goals was chalked off, there was a foul, to me it was manner of which the officials came to their decision, both referee and linesman appeared to give the goal, only after a protest did they confer and reverse their decision, is this another case of players refereeing the game. Enough about that, what's done is done.

The performance today chalk and cheese to what we've seen prior a massive improvement, the goalkeeper, hallelujah, at last a proper goalkeeper, could hear his communication up on the popside, what a difference, and shows what a lazy decision to bring back Lavercombe actually was.

Same could be said re; left back, Cole another massive plus, and the young lad in midfield, Dowling, added a lot to the team, there's a lot of positives to take from this, and a base to build from, hopefully better times ahead.

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Post by Modgull » 02 Sep 2017, 20:08

This was an enjoyable match and a much improved performance from the team. Having said that Chester are a poor side and it is telling that we again failed to beat a side in the current relegation places.

The new additions all had impressive debuts - Dowling looked mature beyond his years, Cole looks like a proper fullback and Dorel was an assured keeper in all respects - crosses, one on ones and saves. His distribution was also sound.

For me the most encouraging sign was the Gray/Keating partnership up front - they ran the Chester defence ragged and created many good chances - shame Keating could not convert his and Gray was guilty of being too selfish on two occasions when a pass would have put Keating in for open goals.

At the back, however, Anderson again showed that he is not good enough and the partnership with McGinty is our achilles heel. The goal again came from a hopeful ball upfield which this time Higgins could not challenge for and I think Chapple of all people was able to head forward for Hannah to run onto leaving Dorel with no chance.

The disallowed goal was a farce and showed the officials as spineless, bending to Chester protestations. A foul may have been committed but to give it and then only reverse the decision under pressure from the defending team after 2 minutes arguing was very, very poor.

This team has potential - hopefully the new manager, whoever he is, will get them playing more confidently and in a more disciplined manner with improving results.

It's a marathon, not a sprint but sometimes even marathons are a foregone conclusion!

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Post by Dazza » 02 Sep 2017, 21:35

I wasnt there today but It was probably Herrera last game in charge. I'm glad for him that he can take a tiny bit out of all this. He has taken a lot of stick and I'm not sure all of it has been fair. We all get frustrated and lash out and we continue to be in a bad place. We will have to see if one point proves to be some form of turning point but it was clearly a better balanced side and I'm sure the guy really cares and has done everything he was possibly was able to. If we are going to be critical we shouldn't be frightened to give credit either.

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Post by tufcyellowarmy » 02 Sep 2017, 21:43

Here here !!

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