Final Game - North Ferriby @ 12:15

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Final Game - North Ferriby @ 12:15

Post by ACW2IOW » 29 Apr 2017, 17:19

Scottygull1 wrote:
29 Apr 2017, 16:30
So pleased for Kevin Nicholson and the players last three results excellent so from the north of Scotland many congratulations and hopefully harmony can breakout and get the financial backing to take the club forward. Once again congrats to Kevin and his staff for maintaining there league status and well done to all the loyal supporters associated with the club enjoy your night.
I heartily endorse these comments from the other end of Great Britain - the Isle of Wight. Well done everyone!

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Post by portugull » 29 Apr 2017, 18:13

The game. 100% committment from all the team for all 95 minutes.

The crowd. 4,026. Family Stand 85% Full.

Support. Tremendous backing for the team from all sides of the ground.

The Officials. Better than normal.

The Presentations. Player of the Season Luke Young. Young Player of the Season Sean McGinty.( Age 23) Youth Player Jordan Lee ( Age 20 )

Leading Scorer Brett Williams.

Well done Nicho but lets hope next season we are celebrating for a different reason!!

Ottery gull
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Post by Ottery gull » 29 Apr 2017, 18:43

Plainmoor78 wrote:
29 Apr 2017, 17:00
Ottery gull wrote:
29 Apr 2017, 14:38
Really wanted York to stay up at the expense of cheats Guisley. Still hope for them, I guess but only if another league team with a great history ( Leton Orient ) are banished to obscurity

Christ, somebody still going on about this. It was over 12 months ago. Anyway Guisley beat York 6-1 this season which does suggest guisley deservedly stayed up.
What a stupid argument. We beat Forest Green 9 - 8 on aggregate but we weren't challenging for promotion. Ie its results over the season that matter. My point was I have no affection for a club that effectively eluded relegation last season by outrageous cheating.

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Post by brucie » 29 Apr 2017, 18:52

Well that was a busy old day. I had got to South Molton when second son managed to get time off work so I had to return to Barnstaple to pick him up. Couldn't get into Bristows Bench so ended up on the popside. Great atmosphere.

A very professional performance. The game itself actually was men against boys. With all due respect to North Ferriby they seemed to have a very young side and thought we looked bigger and stronger. On another day we could easily have won 6-0. Its my first view of some of the players. Jordan Lee ran himself to the point of exhaustion. Luke Young was everywhere and I actually thought Gallifuoco looked a decent footballer - strong and good on the ball.

It wasn't too nerve wracking for me. Once we ramped up the pressure in the second half it was a case of when the goal came rather than if. The second goal which sealed our place in the National League was a beauty - Pin point cross from Young and a glorious looping back header from Anderson.

A word on the bunch of half wits who ruined the day. I was quite near the trouble. The mini pitch invasion was instigated by some shaven headed middle aged fool who it seems couldn't seem to equate the abuse he was getting when he walked back into the stands.

One meat head with blonde hair and a maroon sweatshirt who had been on the pitch earlier seemed to be escorted out near the end of the match. However the assistant safety officer seemed to let this bloke walk along the front of the family stand where he ended up picking up a young girl who was sat in the stand and then walked out carrying her.

The girl seemed quite distressed by what was happening - If this girl was his daughter then he really needs to take a long hard look at himself - he was an absolute disgrace. Mind you, you can't educate pork.

I am pleased for Nicholson that he kept us up in the end and whatever's gone before the players have done well to turn it around in the end.

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Post by Dazza » 29 Apr 2017, 18:59

I thought the team gave a good professional performance. Any opposition always has its 'what if' moment but we very largely controlled this one. It's easy to forget we were four points behind the pack three games ago. To pick up and achieve 17 th says a lot about growing maturity by both players and management.

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Post by SuperNickyWroe » 29 Apr 2017, 19:12

Brilliant performance under the circumstances and the result.
Glad I was there. Agree with what has been said about Jordan Lee. Outstanding today.
Also so glad/happy/delighted for KN.
Fans were fantastic.
They have all made me proud today to be a supporter of TUFC.
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Post by Goody2514 » 29 Apr 2017, 19:41

Brilliant to be there today with my boy, cracking performance and atmosphere. On to next season now, hopefully we can secure the majority of the squad on new contracts and make some additions, might end up further up the table this time next year.

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Post by IanGull01 » 29 Apr 2017, 19:43

Well done Nicho and the lads.
Such a relief when 1st goal went in. I've never seen it go so mental. Brilliant!!
Crowd was excellent. Where has everyone been all season?! Just shows the support is there.

On another note, hope all the people who had to have medical assistance today on the Pop side are ok.

Enjoy your summer guys. It's going to be an interesting one!!

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Post by Gulliball » 29 Apr 2017, 19:54

Did they announce how many away fans were there today?
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Post by SenorDingDong » 29 Apr 2017, 19:56

Goody2514 wrote:
29 Apr 2017, 19:41
Brilliant to be there today with my boy, cracking performance and atmosphere. On to next season now, hopefully we can secure the majority of the squad on new contracts and make some additions, might end up further up the table this time next year.
Good god no, they might have come to life at the end and desire the plaudits for surviving but apart from the last month this season has been dire. Do I need to remind me of all the thrown away points, of those Guiseley and Sutton matches? Of the lack of mental strength Braintree/Dover/today aside? There's about 5/6 from the current squad that are worth keeping (Young, McGinty maybe, Williams, Moore, Sparkes, maybe Verma as a utility man, Keating) but we need a fresh start. Let them have their celebrations and then the club can go about building for a more successful future, pending resolving the GI issue.

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Post by tomogull » 29 Apr 2017, 20:02

I don't know why, but I was more nervous about this match than any of the other last gasp relegation/promotion games I have watched. A rather nervy first half but the back four played as a solid unit which kept North Ferriby's powder puff attack well in check - obviously the reason why they have finished bottom of the league. The highlights of the first half were a tremendous shot from Brett Williams which smacked against the post and a Luke Young pile-driver of a free kick which the 'keeper did well to put over the top.

Second half started scrappily but nerves were settled when Aman Verma put us ahead. Ruari Keating (twice) and Myles Anderson had good chances to add to our lead but it was Anderson who finally blew away the nerves with a headed goal from a corner.

What a great loan signing young Jordan Lee has proved to be. He and Ruari Keating have added much needed pace and movement to the team and I'm sure that Keating playing alongside Williams has helped Brett - he is not effective as a lone striker.

Fantastic support from all around the ground and great to have Danny the Drummer at the match. The game was helped by having a good referee who let the game flow. I thought we had a good shout for a penalty when Lee was pushed over from behind but apart from that, the ref had a good game. So we have finished in the dizzy heights of 17th. Who would have thought that two weeks ago ??

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Post by gateman49 » 29 Apr 2017, 20:26

Re Brucie's comments about the idiots who tried to spoil things, I was in the Family Stand when a senior steward came along with the "meat head with blonde hair and a maroon sweatshirt". The steward stepped up into the seats and was passed the little girl who was then passed to said person. Yes, she was upset but he appeared to be comforting her (probably her father). They all disappeared towards the left so I didn't see if he was leaving under escort or not.

I didn't recognise him nor any of the pop side idiots so this might have been his first match.

Either way, they didn't spoil the party atmosphere from what was apparently the largest crowd of the day in National League. Well done everybody!

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Post by Zippy » 29 Apr 2017, 20:36

well done to the team, and the fans, fantastic day, we cant let this happen again, this is two seasons on the trot, as for who stays other than, young, sparkes. Williams, keating, moore, Mcginty, verma, Anderson, the rest can leave, lets be honest we have been poor for most of the last two seasons and are lucky to stay up.

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Post by markypoos77 » 29 Apr 2017, 20:59

way to kill the mood

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Post by Dazza » 29 Apr 2017, 21:50

Disagree we were lucky Zippy. It's clearly not where anyone wants to be but the goal difference and the final position is probably about right. I have a feeling it's probably not too far to adrift from relative budgets either. A number of players outside your list certainly improved as the season went along and that's a credit to both them and management. If we are looking to win the League next year and have the budget to go with such ambition yes we would have a massive clear out. However as that's unlikely to be the case budget wise looking to grow a gutsy team much of it based from this season's learning curve doesn't seem so ridiculous to me.

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