Gary Owers - The Truth!

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Gary Owers - The Truth!

by SuperNickyWroe » 20 Jan 2018, 21:27

Well, the truth is, you not cut out to be the manager of my club, Torquay United FC.
So GO, please GO. NOW.

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by SuperNickyWroe » 27 Nov 2017, 17:11

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by SuperNickyWroe » 17 Nov 2017, 14:01

Mr Owers is at it again....!!!!

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by westyorkshiregull » 12 Nov 2017, 19:21

Excellent hector, get you. Though that advert was from the 86/87 season. I've a feeling the tracksuit tops were supplied by coastline on 86/87and indeed the following year the 1st team kit then also then become coastline. I look into it.

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by hector » 12 Nov 2017, 15:28

westyorkshiregull wrote:
10 Nov 2017, 09:04

Couldn't help but be curious why a 2nd kit manufacturer would use an identical kit design. Well indeed it's seems they were the same company in someway shape or form.
I don’t know if they were. Henson also supplied Aston Villa’s kit at the time, and I can’t imagine that a club like Villa was supplied by a Little backstreet operation in Paignton.

What sometimes used to happen, was that the new manufacturer would take over an existing kit design. Pretty sure it has happened to us a few times in the past, probably when there was the policy of not changing a Kit design for at least two years.

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by Jacko55 » 11 Nov 2017, 10:07

No, my brother Keith owned and operated Coastline independently.

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by westyorkshiregull » 10 Nov 2017, 09:10

That last piece of from the 1986 -1987 season while they were playing in the Henson yellow kit. Now I'm curious weather or not coastline perhaps supplied part of kit ? Maybe coastline was the training tops ? If anyone is interested then get on the case i will be divulging in my archive for evidence.

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by westyorkshiregull » 10 Nov 2017, 09:04

hector wrote:
28 Oct 2017, 04:49
Coastline didn’t come until the season of Cyril Knowles.

Dave Webb used a company called OSCA for the infamous ‘Chelsea’ Kit, which was a
Blue version of the red OSCA Kit A.F.C. Bournemouth had when Webb was there.

The yellow kit that we had when Webb left was initially produced by Henson during the “Real Great Escape” year of 87 to then be - exact same design - produced by Coastline who were a tiny operation based in Paignton.

They provided our kits for the next two seasons before we became a little more professional and had Ribero in 90/91.
Couldn't help but be curious why a 2nd kit manufacturer would use an identical kit design. Well indeed it's seems they were the same company in someway shape or form.

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by westyorkshiregull » 10 Nov 2017, 08:45

Jacko55 wrote:
28 Oct 2017, 10:14
COASTLINE was owned by my brother Keith Jackman. He was from Brixham and his small factory was based in Winner St Paignton. He was well chuffed when the lads ran out at Wembley in the Sherpa Van trophy v Bolton wearing the special kit he made!
And here is the advertisement

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by westyorkshiregull » 09 Nov 2017, 22:51

Interesting merse. Perhaps this needs to be moved to history thread admin people. I've got some stuff to upload tomorrow to history thread so keep eyes out people. Just some snippets out of some old newspapers I've had my dad post me up from his loft !! Got a nice little bit from 1989 with Eric Webber and don mills wishing torquay well at Wembley in sherpa van.
Great reading merse. It's a wonder why mccauley never did buy us , that board was worth a a few quid.

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by merse btpir » 09 Nov 2017, 22:31

I see where you're coming from now; yes MacCAuley was as was Robert Daniel; whilst the majority of the old board were accorded honorary life membership.

McCauley was so wealthy he could have bought the club out of his pocket money but it was not to be and eventually it was to end up the property of another very autocratic man; Mike Bateson. Wealthy himself; but not in McCauley's league!

Daniel was very wealthy too; having made his money from his cash & carry in Millbay Docks and some of the burgeoning number of supermarkets that are now the domain of the Tescos etc of this world that were springing up around Devon. He was a shrewd wheeler-dealer but I always recall the story I heard Malcom Allison tell of how he managed to successfully lie to him that Tony Book was only 25 and not the 30 he actually was when getting the money out of him to sign the outstanding non league player of the day from Bath City.......Daniel had the last laugh though; selling him to Manchester City by then managed by Allison but insisting because the player was 'actually five years younger than his public age' City had to pay a good bit more for him than they initially offered.

Daniel was an FA councillor too and used that position to secure a number of internationals for Home Park and the FA convention for Torbay. He used to love the drive over the moors from his Roborough home in his Roller for Saturday evening games and it was Tony Boyce who persuaded them both to join the board.

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by westyorkshiregull » 09 Nov 2017, 21:08

No merse I meant dan mccauley. Looks as those he was a director.. .sorry this chat should be on the history bit

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by merse btpir » 09 Nov 2017, 20:45

An honourary life membership is not a seat on the board and therefore Tony was no longer a director by then

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by westyorkshiregull » 09 Nov 2017, 20:35

merse btpir wrote:
27 Oct 2017, 23:34
The kit supplier was Pilgrim Sports from Plymouth introduced by Mike Green..,.......their logo on our shirts got the hackles up for many fans and (to be honest) the product wasn't the best quality. It was replaced after one season by a deal with Bukta of Stockport who were part of the Umbro family who had supplied the iconic 'Skalectric' design. Coastline came in after me when David Webb was in charge.

Dan McCauley is a very different character than popular myth paints him. Had also been chairman of Tiverton Town and on the board of Exeter City so obviously he loved football for what it was at whatever level........I'm alright with people like that. According to the Times list of wealthy people, he had a fortune larger than the chairmen of Arsenal, Aston Villa and Chelsea and of course owned Drakes Island as well. I only really 'knew' him as an extremely wealthy visitor to the boardroom during Saturday night matches along with several other perceived 'rivals' (but in reality very well meaning and helpful friends of the club) like Argyle's Robert Daniel, and Stafford & Brian Williams and Gerald Vallance the Exeter City chairman who were all regulars.

That little boardroom was run like a personal fiefdom by Club Steward Ben Street who fiercely guarded his authority in there and I rarely disturbed his routine on a match night unless he came looking for something like replenishments for the bar! But one by one most of those guests would filter down to the 200 Club for a 'late one' and more often than not I was locking up in the early hours of the morning....Malcolm Allison would be a particularly late stayer ~ what a legend ~ and Barry Silkman too; remember he was a player for Malcolm at Plymouth and later a very successful agent who I bumped into last year playing vets' football!

Tony Boyce's financial commitment was out of all proportion to anyone else's but on many occasions the board members were asked to 'get their cheque books out'.
Looks like he was a director from my 1987 Crewe programme

Gary Owers - The Truth!

by westyorkshiregull » 09 Nov 2017, 20:08

merse btpir wrote:
29 Oct 2017, 07:13
westyorkshiregull wrote:
29 Oct 2017, 05:39
most the pictures posted never seem to work after a month , something about the host needs to upgrade something ? Rather annoying , so i don't use it now.
Forums the world over ~ including TFF & BTPIR ~ have been disfigured because the picture host they used (photobucket) decided to blackmail their clients into an attempt to extort not inconsiderable sums of money from them to remain in what had until then been a free to use service.

Like just about everyone else; I declined to give in to that but had the excruciating experience of seeing years of painstaking work destroyed ~ it's not the fault of TFF who quite rightly have metaphorically (in line with most of their other clients) told photobucket where to go and what to do with themselves!

To a point, I have individually restored a very small percentage of removed images on BTPIR; but it's a quite frankly obsessive choice and not one that I pursue with any regularity.

We now use flickr, and a far superior service it is too!

How do I post pictures on here anyone ??
Do I need to use Flickr? Any other way?

Thank you